Cyber security. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

"It's a golden age of espionage in terms of stealing information"

A complete high assurance solution for document-based collaboration

Chances are that you haven’t heard about us but we’ve been keeping corporate board papers, government cabinet documents, multi-billion dollar merger & acquisition deals - and other sensitive material - safe for well over a decade now.

We do things quietly and efficiently.

No-one does mobile security like we do, and no-one provides such easy to use document management and collaboration protection as we do.

We do things quietly and efficiently

Effective Solutions

We provide document management and collaboration solutions that satisfy a variety of business requirements where ease of use and security are paramount. Our solutions offer a more manageable means of keeping sensitive documents safe at work, at home and on the move. We overcome the complexity, security, and process control challenges of encrypted email, digital rights management, and virtual display approaches.

Security Meets Simplicity

Our technology provides uncompromising security married with simple and intuitive interfaces that are designed for non-technical users.

Process functionality, simplicity of use, and unmatched end-point security

Our Insights



The cyber security landscape is always changing and evolving. It's not enough to follow yesterday's best practices. You must be vigilant and disciplined in order protect yourself.

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