Trial participants like lawyers, barristers and judges, plaintiffs and defendants, witnesses and members of the jury need to access discrete court documents. Keeping them separate and distributing them in hard copy or by email or USB stick is slow or insecure or both.

JuryHub lets participants access the court documents each needs and nothing more, with complete security including on mobile devices. In complex trials, this can dramatically improve efficiency and reduce trial length.

Key features of JuryHub

Key features of JuryHub

  • Evidence is more clearly organised and presented
  • Onboarding for Prosecution, Defence, Jury and court officials is simplified
  • JuryBook is electronic and secured
  • Evidence can be searched and annotated.

Key Features of CommandHub for Courts

  • Hosting environment IRAP-certified up to PROTECTED by ASD
  • Architecture designed on Military Principles
  • Ultra-secure work spaces grant ‘Need to Know’ access only
  • Purpose-built platform for Secure Collaboration
  • Enforcement of Business Processes for how information may be used
  • Ease of use by non-IT Administrators and Users
  • Ease of scale without IT help.
  • Local support 24 x 7.

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