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Certified to PROTECTED level

Save Time, Effort and Money while ensuring Confidentiality

Comprehensive Functionality

DealHubTM accelerates the bid process, simplifies communication, and fosters rapid workflow to meet critical deadlines – to facilitate a successful outcome.

Project, legal and management teams can conduct and manage business interactions between all parties involved. DealHub suits all:

Due diligence activities

Merger and acquisition projects

Transaction, advisory and business restructure requirements.

Key Features

Easy to use

Rapid set up

Extremely secure

Selective views

Inbuilt email alerts

Private response notes

Discrete bid team areas

Fully indexed post-deal extracts

Comprehensive deal status reports

Complete management of the Q&A process.


Instant adaptability

Minimal preparation times

Effective risk management

Full customer access control

Superior control of the bid process

Dramatically reduced transaction times.

Administration & Processes

Q&A Workflow

DealHub’s Question & Answer workflow simplifies the due diligence process with automated question forms and lodgement options.


Bid teams can see their own questions and answers while responders see questions pending and have full edit capabilities, including private notes and the ability to link a referenced document directly to an answer.


The easy transfer of draft answers between response team members means that a large number of questions can be handled readily by a single administrator.

Save Time, Effort and Money while ensuring Confidentiality

Detailed Reports

DealHub provides three different report types:

Bid Team
To keep track of what questions have been asked and those that have been answered.

Response Team
The comprehensive nature of the reports of areas where additional response resources may be required. The ability to list questions in various sequences, including those that are unanswered, as well as to re-allocate them rapidly, greatly assists the response process.

Site Audit
Your choice of eight different reports to see who has looked at what, and when. Each user action is logged, while the question/response tracking process provides a complete audit trail. Reports may be restricted to relevant areas, such as an individual bidder or a particular response team grouping. The content of reports can include full submitter details or can be restricted on a need-to-know basis.

Response Status Report

Fully Customisable

Branding, index and report formats, disclaimers, timestamping, print and save options, alerts, meta data, embargos, search options and bulk access controls are selectable from over 100 available options.

Data Security

DealHub was designed from the ground up for secure collaboration, based on military principles with multiple layered servers. Each file is double-encrypted, using different keys, and multiple copies of each file are retained, plus automatic daily and weekly backups.


DealHub has passed the most stringent independent risk management reviews to provide the highest levels of confidentiality assurance.

With all document access logged, areas of bidder interest can be monitored to better anticipate issues that may need to be addressed.

An archive facility provides a complete record of all documents, question responses and saved reports.

Accredited Cloud Security

The security effectiveness of the solution has been independently validated to the Australian Cyber Security Centre PROTECTED level classification.

All data is wholly hosted and managed in Australia with AUCloud under the Sovereign Cloud Principles and has been independently validated at the PROTECTED level classification.

DealHub is the most secure virtual deal room available. No other solution is as safe, easy to use and cost effective.

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