It’s common to distribute Board Papers and committee documents in hard copy, bound and delivered to members by courier. This is expensive, slow and frustrating, especially if documents are delayed or mislaid. If deadlines are missed, the consequences can be severe.

BoardHub was designed specifically for executive use – and makes it faster and more secure to share documents and make complex decisions more quickly.

Key features of BoardHub:

  • Agenda plus Consent/Compliance functions
  • Assembly of all relevant documents
  • Integration of them into the agenda
  • Selective dissemination to members with notification
  • Ability to make and save annotations
  • A compliance process to control approvals (such as for circular resolutions).

Key Features of CommandHub for Boards

  • Architecture designed on Military Principles
  • Ultra-secure workspaces grant ‘Need to Know’ access only
  • Hosting environment IRAP-certified up to PROTECTED by ASD
  • Controls enforce Business Processes for use of information
  • Ease of use by non-IT Administrators and Users
  • Ease of scale without IT help
  • Local support 24 x 7
  • Purpose-built for Secure Collaboration

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