Command Hub


Secure Board room communications to manage,
share and archive board and committee papers.

Protect your Sensitive Board Data

Protect your Sensitive Board Data

Since 2008, CommandHub has been helping Boards protect their sensitive papers, while making it easy and secure for board members to work on them.
We do this via Board Hub , a solution built on our Command Hub Secure Collaboration Platform, was designed on Military and Intelligence Community principles.

This granular control over individual compartments, using the principle of ‘least privilege’ greatly reduces the amount of time, complexity and error associated with adding permissions at the file or user level.

Board information on a Need to Know Basis

  • Creates secure information compartments which limit access to board papers on a ‘need to know’ basis
  • Enables secure access and use of board papers on mobile devices using patented HubVault technology
  • Includes comprehensive board specific functions like Agenda and Consent that replace the need for bound and delivered hard copy Board papers
  • Is designed for use by business users who don’t need advanced IT skills.
Board information on a Need to Know Basis
Data Centre with protected status

100% Australian Sovereign Data Centre with PROTECTED status

  • All data and backups are hosted in Australia
  • IT environment certified up to PROTECTED status by the Australian Signals Directorate.
  • All equipment and staff are located in Australia
  • Australian jurisdiction applies.

Let us help you secure your Board papers

If your Board members work on sensitive information then contact us to find out how we could help.

Secure your Board papers

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CommandHub - 100% Australian


Owned, developed and managed with Australian Sovereign Cloud hosting

CommandHub - Independently Certified


Validated to Australian Cyber Security Centre PROTECTED status

CommandHub - Document Sharing

Document Sharing

Securely share your documents within, and
beyond, your organisation

CommandHub - Need to know access

Need to know access

Based on Intelligence Community compartmentation principles

CommandHub - Process Control

Process Control

Business process workflows with selective document dissemination

CommandHub - Mobile Device Protection

Mobile Device

Patented multiple-encryption file storage and transfer technology