Participants in corporate deals need to view, comment on or edit different information and someone needs to approve the final deal. Distributing deal documents by email or USB stick risks exposure and compromises version control.

DealHub lets deal participants access and use thousands of deal documents on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. This dramatically improves security and makes due diligence efficient, smooth and less costly.

Key Features of DealHub

  • Ability to handle ‘unlimited’ numbers of documents
  • Comprehensive Question & Answer workflows
  • Detailed reports including every action taken by each user
  • Selective display for multiple bid teams
  • Rapid workflow to meet critical deadlines
  • Drag & Drop extraction of key information when the deal is complete.

Key Features of CommandHub for Deal Collaborations

  • Purpose-built for Secure Collaboration
  • Architecture designed on Military Principles
  • Hosting environment IRAP-certified up to PROTECTED by ASD
  • Ultra-secure workspaces grant ‘Need to Know’ access only
  • Enforcement of Business Processes for how information may be used
  • Local support 24 x 7
  • Ease of use by non-IT Administrators and Users
  • Ease of scale without IT help.

See full details of CommandHub here.

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