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Certified to PROTECTED level

Are you a C-level Executive, Board Member or Risk Manager of an Australian Financial Institution?

Do your Senior Executives need to collaborate on confidential material?

Are any of these true for you?

The materials include strategic plans, compliance reports, meeting minutes or responses to regulators. If these were exposed or leaked, it could be very damaging to your institution.

Your executive teams are dispersed and travel widely, so electronic collaboration is vital. Some of them aren’t under your control and you don’t know if they access, work with and store material on mobile devices.

Your IT team is extensive but has competing priorities. Facilitating collaboration is time- consuming, expensive and not a high level priority.

You’d like to reduce the risk of exposure or loss of sensitive material – by limiting access on a ‘need to know’ basis and by securing mobile devices.

If any are true, you’re not alone. They’re very common in Banking and Finance.

Have you tried to fix them with:

Enterprise File-Sharing Tools – but they didn’t allow collaboration and weren’t very secure?

Enterprise Collaboration Tools – but they placed demands on IT and were less secure than you thought, especially on mobile devices?

Secure Collaboration Tools – but they weren’t proven in your situation and being an early adopter didn’tfit yourrisk profile?

These are also common experiences in the Finance Sector.

CommandHub has become a trusted partner for us.

It’s the product the executive teams use when sharing
documents or collaborating on projects – with no exceptions.

Andy Barnes*
Project Manager

Major Australian Financial

Do your Senior Executives need to collaborate on confidential material?

How we help

Since 2008, CommandHub has assisted many Australian financial institutions. We help them protect their sensitive corporate materials while making sharing and collaboration easy for their staff.

We do this via our purpose-built, end-to-end Secure Collaboration Platform called CommandHub which is designed along Military, Defence and Intelligence principles.



Creates secure information compartments – which restrict access on a ‘need to know basis’

Enforces rules for how material can be used (not just who can access it) – that every user must follow

Enables secure access and use of material especially on mobile devices – using patented HubVault technology

Simplifies setup and use of secure compartments using drag & drop admin tools that need no IT skills

Includes over 500 settings – to tailor the platform to your institution’s individual needs.

In addition, CommandHub’s hosting environment has been certified to PROTECTED level by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

All data and backups are hosted in Australia, in an environment certified up to PROTECTED status by the Australian Signals Directorate.

All equipment and staff are located in Australia.

Australian jurisdiction applies.

Who we help

We help a variety of key people within your Financial Institution, including:

CEOs. CFOs and Boards
We help your Senior Executives collaborate efficiently on vital, sensitive information while making sure it’s secure at all times.

CIOs, CISOs and Enterprise Architects
We remove the burden on IT by making it easy for your administrators to set-up and control the platform and executives to work with it, themselves

Risk and Compliance Managers
We reduce your risk by ensuring that all executives and their assistants follow your rules for using sensitive content, including on mobile devices.

CommandHub came through the tests with flying colours on all fronts, from its flexible software to its strength of encryption, ease of set-up, ease of use and administration, and mobile device security.

Andy Barnes*
Project Manager

Major Australian Financial

Do your Senior Executives need to collaborate on confidential material?

We’ve only just connected and perhaps you hardly know us.

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Our security guys also devised and conducted their own penetration testing because data security is absolutely crucial for us, right down to each mobile device.

That’s where CommandHub really showed its stripes.

Andy Barnes*
Project Manager

Major Australian Financial Institution

* Our contracts with clients prohibit us from revealing their names. These names have been changed for privacy reasons.