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Unique credentials

Command Hub was founded for one purpose: to resolve the dilemma between enabling collaboration and protecting sensitive content.

Our founders had unique credentials to resolve the dilemma; experience in strategic advisory to major local and global corporates and with advanced security technologies in Silicon Valley and Washington DC.

Their advisory clients included BHP Petroleum, Commonwealth Bank, EDS, Fujitsu, IBM, Texas Utilities and Toyota.

The advanced technologies included biometric identification, digital surveillance, mobile data protection, nuclear energy recovery and DARPA-originated cybersecurity initiatives.

Fit-for Purpose

Combining industry insights with Intelligence Community thinking, Command Hub the product was the solution to the dilemma.

Designed from scratch on Military Principles, Command Hub uses ‘compartmentation’ to restrict access on a ‘need to know’ or ‘least privilege’ basis. In this way, even users with seniority or high-level security clearance won’t be granted access to compartments whose contents they don’t need to know to perform their roles. This contrasts with user-level or file level controls which can’t prevent breaches of the infamous ‘Chelsea Manning’ type.

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Logical Security and Controls

Logical Security and Controls

Our founders were driven by the principle of logic applied to both security and business processes.

Logical security makes it difficult for users to breach by accident or intent while making it easy for authorised users to work with. Advanced workflows make it easy to enforce logical business processes so that sensitive material can only be shared, used and stored as allowed by corporate rules.

Blue Chip Clients

We are proud to count many household names as clients, but our contracts prohibit us from naming them. Some of our client deployments include securing collaboration on:

  • Cabinet-level documents
  • Corporate intellectual property, customer data and risk mitigation processes
  • Multi-billion-dollar mergers & acquisitions
  • Classified mission projects for defence contractors
  • Sensitive information between Government departments
  • Confidential Supreme Court documents
  • Cybersecurity reviews for a global consulting firm
  • Confidential executive documents for a major bank.

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Blue Chip Clients

What drives us

Our Vision

To be the global provider of secure collaboration solutions trusted by industry and government

Our Mission

To continually develop technologies which lead the world in secure collaboration and are cost-effective and easy for non-IT personnel to use

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Our values

We value diligence, commitment, directness, practicality and plain-speaking – in our people and in our clients, partners and associates

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