‘Need-To-Know’ Compartmentation

CommandHub® applies the Intelligence Community principles of highly secure compartments, restricting user access on a ‘need to know’ basis.

With this approach, multiple levels of compartmentation, each with their own access controls, provide the ability to restrict specific information so that even senior people with high-level privileges will only see the information they need to perform their duties.

This granular control over individual compartments, using the principle of ‘least privilege’ greatly reduces the amount of time, complexity and error associated with adding permissions at the file or user level.

End-to-End Protection including Mobile Devices

Protecting information at the server level is only the start. CommandHub protects sensitive information at rest, in transit and in use. Its patented HubVault technology replaces insecure browsers with a double-encrypted file transfer tunnel.

Each file on the user’s device is encrypted with a unique randomly-generated key then encrypted again. A non-recoverable master key makes the devices virtually ‘uncrackable’ if misplaced or stolen.

This protection is particularly relevant to sensitive content on tablets and smartphones which are inherently insecure with device encryption compromised because the key is stored on the device, remote wiping is ineffective if mobile and wifi access are disabled, and device caching retains components of recently viewed material.

Genuine Ease-of-Use

CommandHub was designed for business users, not IT specialists. After a short training session, administrators are able to establish logical compartments for collaborators and apply granular controls. When projects end or teams or priorities change, the administrators can amend the controls and configurations themselves, without involving the IT team.

The intuitive interface makes collaboration so easy and transparent that users won’t need help from IT or to take risky shortcuts, like sending sensitive files via personal email accounts.

Full text searching is provided and multiple file downloads and uploads are facilitated by a simple drag-and-drop functionality.

For mobile devices, both facial and fingerprint biometric access are provided to streamline the user experience. After the first use, connectivity can be automated without re-entering login details, and updated content automatically synchronised when connectivity is established.

Logical Business Controls

CommandHub ensures intended business processes are followed while making it easy for users to share documents and collaborate.

Logical controls with advanced workflows facilitate restrictions on who can see, edit or save a file, who may move it to where, how approvals or rejections apply and the exact sequence of these steps. Controls can be set for how internal and external parties use sensitive content.

Many more document level options are available including categories, expiry, locking, version control and watermarking.



Built as a specific Solution on the CommandHub platform, BoardHub provides comprehensive functionality to share, manage and archive board and committee papers. Key features of BoardHub include:

  • Agenda plus Consent/Compliance functions
  • Assembly of all relevant documents
  • Integration of documents into the agenda
  • Selective dissemination to members with notification
  • Ability to make and save annotations
  • A compliance process to control approvals (such as for circular resolutions).


Built as a specific Solution on the CommandHub platform, DealHub lets participants access, and use, thousands of deal documents on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. This dramatically improves security and makes due diligence efficient, smooth and far less costly. Key Features of DealHub include:

  • Ability to handle unlimited numbers of documents
  • Comprehensive Due Diligence workflows to respond to questions
  • Detailed reports, including every action taken by each user
  • Selective display for multiple bid teams
  • Drag-and-Drop extraction of key information when the deal is complete.


Built as a specific Solution on the CommandHub platform, JuryHub lets Judges and Juries access the court documents they need, and nothing more, with complete security – including on mobile devices. In complex trials, this dramatically improves efficiency and reduces the trial length. Key features of JuryHub include:

  • Evidence is more clearly organised and presented
  • Onboarding for Prosecution, Defence, Jury and court officials is simplified
  • JuryHub is electronic and secured
  • Evidence can be searched and annotated.


Built as a crisis response solution on the CommandHub platform, CrisisHub enables boards, executive teams, risk and security managers, as well as third parties – such as insurers – access the crisis management documents that are required during a crisis event with complete security, including on mobile devices. In the event of an unexpected crisis, such as a cyber attack, a secure document and incident response portal dramatically improves crisis communications and reduces the respond time to a cyber threat or incident.

Key features of CrisisHub include:

  • Crisis management documents are logically organised and presented, ready to be used 24/7
  • Onboarding for third parties, such as insurers and consultants, is dramatically simplified – no need for credentials to be provided on your AD or network, the site admin can add new users remotely and securely.
  • Contact lists and Key Actions for key executives, and the crisis response team, are stored digitally to rapidly mobilise a response team.
  • Documents can be searched and annotated.



Built as a portable document management and IP repository on the CommandHub platform, InterHub allows travelling executives to take a limited subset of sensitive documents with them on their international travels. In the event that the devices and/or passwords of your team member are compromised, you can rest assured that only a limited set of encrypted documents can be accessed.

Key features of InterHub include:

  • Secure internet access to IP via an intermediary server when you travel
  • Protect your IP from Cyber Espionage, theft and copyright infringement – securely store blueprints, plans, strategies, code base, ideas etc with optional PDF watermarking
  • Removes the need to VPN into the corporate network to access shared drives
  • CommandHub can be used as a temporary staging server for the import/export of sensitive material while travelling
  • Australian sovereign data storage
  • Secure end points with 2-layer transit encryption

Key Features

Customisation to Specific Needs

With over 500 configuration options that can be activated, CommandHub can be fully tailored to specific requirements.

By turning on (or off) rules for files, access, use, formats and settings at any level, CommandHub ensures that critical data is fully protected, without impacting on the ease of collaboration.

Where appropriate, the modular architecture of the CommandHub platform facilitates the rapid development of additional functionality.

Local Support

CommandHub was developed in Australia and the policy of continual development provides regular functionality and security enhancements.

Detailed logs provide a full audit trail of all activity and with 24 x 7 local support customers are assured of immediate attention to any issues.

Multiple Layers of Security

The CommandHub architecture was designed from the ground up for secure collaboration based on the Military Principles of multiple server layers to provide the highest level of infrastructure protection.

Multiple levels of encryption extend this protection to documents when in transit, at rest and in use.

Certified Sovereign Cloud

The CommandHub solution is IRAP certified to the Australian Signals Directorate Information Security Manual at the PROTECTED level.

Within Australia, all data is wholly hosted and managed at AUCloud under the Sovereign Cloud Principles for the Government and Critical National Industry communities at PROTECTED level with on-premises deployments also available.

Proven in Demanding Situations

CommandHub has been protecting sensitive content in demanding real-world situations for over a decade. These include Banking & Finance, Boards, Defence contracting, Executive Committees, Federal & State Government, Healthcare, Justice and Telecommunications deployments.

Contact us to discuss how CommandHub could ensure secure sensitive collaborations in your organisation.

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