Compartmentation is a military practice that limits access to sensitive information on a ‘Need to Know’ basis.

CommandHub advances this practice, letting you create secure compartments and multiple layers of them, each with its own controls. This way, even senior or high security clearance staff can’t access specific compartments unless their roles require it.

This gives you far more granular control and is also easier to manage than file-level or user-level controls.

Key Features

Military Grade Architecture

Most solutions make collaboration easy and add security as an afterthought. By contrast, CommandHub’s architecture was designed to secure the collaboration process from the start. Based on the Military Principle of multiple security layers, CommandHub has multiple levels of document encryption infrastructure protection. In addition, the CommandHub hosting environment has been certified up to PROTECTED status by the ASD (Australian Signals Directorate).

Logical Business Controls

Many solutions restrict access to sensitive information, but that’s just the start. If all authorised users aren’t under your control, how will you restrict how they use your information and where they store it?

CommandHub solves the problem with advanced workflows which let you set controls for how your information will be used. You can restrict who can see, edit or save a file, who may move it to where, how approvals and rejections apply, the exact sequence of all steps, as well as version control, watermarking, file-locking and more. You can tailor CommandHub to your organisation, knowing that your business processes will be followed by everyone, everywhere.

Designed for Administrators and Users

CommandHub was designed for business users, not IT specialists. After a short training session, your administrators will able to upload your sensitive information to logical compartments for collaborators and apply granular controls. When projects end or teams or priorities change, your administrators can amend the controls and configurations themselves, without involving the IT team.

For users, the intuitive interface makes collaboration so easy and transparent that they won’t need help from IT or to take risky shortcuts, like sending sensitive files via personal email accounts.

Tailored to Your Exact Needs

CommandHub can be tailored to how your organisation and collaborators work. You can turn on or off up to 500 configuration settings for files, access, use, formats and settings at any level. It’s how to protect your sensitive information without impacting your normal flow of business or interactions.

Choice of Deployment Options

CommandHub is available as a cloud-based service (SaaS) with its hosting certified by Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) up to PROTECTED level. On-premises deployment options are also available.

Business Functionality

CommandHub provides comprehensive business functionality:

Extra Features

Full Text

Detailed Logs
and Audit Trail



Quick Approvals
or Rejections

Expiry Options

Document Locking
for Workflow Control

Document Uploads

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