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Crisis Response Communications Solution for Internal and External teams.
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Reliable Communications at Critical Times

If your company is in the middle of a disaster or unexpected incident response, such as a cyber attack, stable and reliable communications and protection of critical documents is crucial.

Built as a crisis response solution on the CommandHub platform, CrisisHub enables boards, executive teams, risk and security managers, as well as third parties – such as insurers – access to the crisis management documents that are required during a crisis event with complete security, including on mobile devices.

Reduce Incident Response Times

In the event of an unexpected crisis, such as a cyber attack, a secure document and incident response portal dramatically improves crisis communications and reduces the respond time to a cyber threat or incident.

Secure Data Centre | Command Hub
CrisisHub Key Features

CrisisHub Key Features

  • Crisis management documents are logically organised and presented, ready to be used 24/7
  • Onboarding for third parties, such as insurers and consultants, is dramatically simplified – no need for credentials to be provided on your AD or network, the site admin can add new users remotely and securely
  • Contact lists and Key Actions for key executives, and the crisis response team, are stored digitally to rapidly mobilise a response team
  • Documents can be searched and annotated.
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100% Australian Sovereign Data Centre with PROTECTED status

  • All data and backups are hosted in Australia
  • IT environment certified up to PROTECTED status by the Australian Signals Directorate.
  • All equipment and staff are located in Australia
  • Australian jurisdiction applies.

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Owned, developed and managed with Australian Sovereign Cloud hosting

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Validated to Australian Cyber Security Centre PROTECTED status

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Document Sharing

Securely share your documents within, and
beyond, your organisation

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Based on Intelligence Community compartmentation principles

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Process Control

Business process workflows with selective document dissemination

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Mobile Device

Patented multiple-encryption file storage and transfer technology