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Certified to PROTECTED level

Executive Committees

A secure board document management solution designed to meet the strictest security standards.

Key Features:

Highly Secure Environment:

  • Built on technology specifically designed for top-tier security.
  • Employs multiple encryption layers and data redundancy.
  • Third-party penetration testing ensures ongoing security.

Offline Access:

  • Documents can be downloaded for offline viewing and action.
  • Maintains full functionality even without an internet connection.

Comprehensive Functionality:

  • Create agendas with attached documents.
  • Individually view documents or download entire packages.
  • Shared calendar for scheduling meetings.
  • Secure consent process for approvals.

Addressing Requirements:

Hardware and OS Compatibility: Supports various devices used within the organization (both standard-issued and personal).

24/7/365 Operation: Ensures consistent platform availability and reliable performance.

Unparalleled Security: Combines advanced encryption with robust access control measures.

High Redundancy and Offline Functionality: Guarantees data accessibility even in case of outages.

Security Highlights:

Australian Hosting: Utilizes a facility with government-approved security certifications (ASD PROTECTED).

Data Encryption: Employs multiple layers and key systems for maximum protection.

Regular Backups: Ensures data recovery in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Mobile Device Protection: Patented technology offers exceptional security beyond standard encryption.

Offline Data Access: Information remains accessible even without an internet connection.

Executive Committee Applications:

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration:

  • Securely share critical documents and meeting materials with committee members.
  • Facilitate real-time discussions and annotations within the platform.
  • Foster efficient decision-making through a centralized information hub.

Enhanced Security and Governance:

  • Address the unique security requirements of executive committee communication.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance through robust access controls and audit trails.
  • Mitigate the risk of data breaches with advanced encryption protocols.

Improved Meeting Efficiency:

  • Prepare agendas with ease, attaching relevant documents for informed discussions.
  • Utilize shared calendars to schedule meetings and track attendance.
  • Electronically capture and share meeting minutes for improved transparency and follow-up.

Offline Accessibility:

  • Committee members can access essential materials even during travel or limited connectivity.
  • Enables offline review and preparation for upcoming meetings.
  • Ensures continuity and informed decision-making regardless of location.

Specific Examples:

Circulating sensitive financial reports prior to meetings for pre-analysis by committee members.

Facilitating secure voting processes on critical business decisions.

Providing a platform for real-time collaboration on strategic initiatives.
By incorporating these points, the document emphasizes the solution’s value proposition for executive committees, addressing their specific needs for secure communication, efficient collaboration, and informed decision-making.