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CommandHub provides secure solutions for the storage, collaboration, and distribution of sensitive corporate and government information

The growing number of cyberattacks represents "one of the biggest transfers of intellectual knowledge that we have ever seen."
National Security Agency Director, Admiral Mike Rogers - January 8, 2015

"One problem is that much cybercrime is buried. Sony, JP Morgan and Home Depot are the exceptions … companies must do their best to defend themselves. They can no longer claim that they weren’t warned."
The Economist - January 3, 2015

CommandHub® provides the peace of mind that only comes when sensitive information has been fully protected from unintended, or deliberate, access breaches. This exceedingly secure solution cuts data leakage, restores confidence and provides time-saving workflows. The innovative CommandHub Mobile app extends this security to ensure business process compliance and to fully secure documents while being transferred to or from a mobile device, while in use, and while stored on the mobile device.

The CommandHub technology is derived from a background of corporate board papers, cabinet-level government documents, and multi-billion dollar merger & acquisition projects where security and ease of use are paramount.

Mobile Security

On tablets and smartphones two key vulnerabilities are the reliance on a remote wipe to destroy data - which requires connectivity - and the fact that the encryption key is stored on the device. The simple step of turning off cellular and WiFi access renders remote wipes ineffective and the ready availability of tools that retrieve the device encryption key allows an attacker access to all content.

The CommandHub technology addresses these and other vulnerabilities. It uses 10 to the power of 77 key combinations, does not store the encryption key on the device (still allowing permitted access at all times) and provides intrusion protection from a forensic attack (without the need for connectivity).

Document Management

Where most file sharing and email attachment approaches only provide point-to-point (or user to user) document sharing, the CommandHub approach overlays controls that determine to whom, and on what basis, documents can be shared. It achieves this through the allocation of access to folders - rather than to documents where inadvertent exposure often results from similar file names - so that meaningful workflow can be readily established and processes maintained.

These controls, structured dynamically within the business function without requiring any technical skills, facilitate adherence to the intended workflow for approvals, updates, versioning, and selective viewing.



Secure storage, collaboration, and dissemination of sensitive corporate and government documents

CommandHub Mobile

Protect files on mobile devices from inadvertent exposure and determined attacks


Protect private notes, files and photos on your smartphone or tablet with enterprise-grade security