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CommandHub provides secure solutions for the storage, collaboration, and distribution of sensitive corporate and government information

while stolen credit card details grab the headlines, largely unreported is the high degree of compromised corporate and government documents

CommandHub® provides the peace of mind that only comes when your most sensitive information has been protected from prying eyes.

CommandHub’s comprehensive secure cloud service is built on a dedicated hardware architecture and safeguarded in the most secure data centers in order to deliver the highest possible levels of security assurance. Our ultra-secure managed service cuts data leakage, restores confidence and provides organizations with time-saving workflows when you need to collaborate with others, such as for Boards and Committees as well as many other business processes.

The innovative CommandHub Mobile app extends this security to ensure business process compliance and to fully secure documents while being transferred to or from a mobile device, while in use, and while stored on the mobile device.

Mobile Security

Too many mobile data security systems rely on in-built device encryption technology and remote wipes to safeguard sensitive business, government, and personal privacy data - but this approach leaves gaping vulnerabilities. Device encryption depends on a key being stored on the device, which can be readily retrieved with available tools, and remote wipe assumes the device is connected to the network. CommandHub Mobile™ removes all of these vulnerabilities, plus many more, through multiple security layers, intrusion protection, and by not storing the encryption key on the device.

Document Management

CommandHub is a private, secure cloud-based service built from the ground up to protect sensitive documents and files from unauthorized eyes. It provides an extremely secure document repository for the storage, collaboration and dissemination of sensitive corporate and government documents. Access to each discrete, private workspace is fully controlled and can be as restricted as business requirements dictate. With innovative workflows that significantly reduce effort, plus logical security controls to prevent inadvertent exposure, CommandHub is the ideal solution for protecting the most sensitive information of corporate boards, executive committees, and governments.



Secure storage, collaboration, and dissemination of sensitive corporate and government documents

CommandHub Mobile

Protect files on mobile devices from inadvertent exposure and determined attacks


Store and protect private notes, documents and images on your personal smart phone or tablet with enterprise-grade security