Cyber security. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

"We are in a world now where, despite your best efforts, you must prepare and assume you will be penetrated."

"It is not about if you will be penetrated, but when."

Admiral Mike Rogers - United States National Security Agency Director - July 15, 2015

About Us

We protect your files as if they are our own

Chances are that you haven’t heard about us but we’ve been keeping corporate board papers, government cabinet documents, multi-billion dollar merger & acquisition deals - and other sensitive material - safe for well over a decade now.

We do things quietly and efficiently.

No-one does mobile security like we do, and no-one provides such easy to use document management and collaboration protection as we do.

About Commandhub

Configurable Solutions

Our solutions have been refined to provide comprehensive functionality, but we know that one size doesn't fit all. Extensive configuration capabilities allow you the flexibility to tailor the solution to fit your specific business requirements.

We provide document management and collaboration solutions that satisfy a variety of business requirements where ease of use and security are paramount. Our solutions offer a more manageable means of keeping sensitive documents safe at work, at home and on the move. We address the complexity, security, and process control challenges of encrypted email, digital rights management, and virtual display approaches.

Document Management and Collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration

Our intuitive interface - with security that is transparent to the user - provides a highly effective means for the management of sensitive documents, be it simple exchanges between users, or complex workflows that ensure compliance with your business processes.

The innovative workflows and logical security controls combine to significantly reduce effort and prevent inadvertent data exposure, making it the ideal solution for protecting the most sensitive information of corporate boards, executive committees, virtual data rooms, and a diversity of business process requirements.

Oh, and did we mention that we lead the industry in securing documents on mobile devices, with a particular focus on the growing use of tablets and smartphones as part of the business process.

Mobile Functionality

The adoption of tablets and smartphones within business processes introduce new concerns and requirements, not only to provide functionality and ensure compliance but also to secure the business information on those devices against theft or loss.

Our solutions provide flexible business process rules that control the viewing and editing of documents as well as appropriate restrictions as to how, and to whom, documents can be forwarded.

We also enable the separation of enterprise-controlled business documents from personal material, which provides a really easy and effective BYOD solution.

In addition to your enterprise-controlled compartment, a separate user-controlled compartment allows the user to secure material from other sources as well to save sensitive notes and photos created on the mobile device. This private compartment remains invisible to other users and includes the ability to arrange documents within a flexible folder structure, to directly import notes and photos, and automatically sync those folders across multiple personal devices.

Mobile functionality that fits your business processes.

Mobile security that protects your files from a determined attack.

Mobile Security

Despite common perception, tablets and smartphones remain highly vulnerable to a determined attacker.

Device encryption is compromised because forensic software tools are readily available on the Internet while remote wiping is completely ineffective once mobile and WiFi access has been disabled.

Our technology mitigates all mobile vulnerability issues by providing full protection at all points - in transit, in use, and at rest.

Security Meets Simplicity

Too often, products are built to meet stringent security requirements but place much less emphasis on ease of use – almost always leading to the adoption of shadow IT services that are simple to use but which don't provide secure protection.


Our products provide uncompromising security married with simple and intuitive interfaces that are designed for non-technical users.



CommandHub® provides the highest levels of security for sensitive document distribution.

Built from the ground up to deliver maximum protection, CommandHub is provided as a private-cloud managed service as well as being available for on-premises deployment.

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Features and Benefits

  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Layered Security
  • Includes HubVault Technology
  • BYOD Enabled
  • Simplified Administration


CommandHub Pro extends the CommandHub features with comprehensive business process functionality for sensitive corporate and government document management and collaboration.

Innovative workflows reduce effort and provide logical security controls to ensure process compliance and prevent inadvertent exposure.

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Features and Benefits

  • Security and Convenience
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Custom Folder Structures
  • Comprehensive Workflows
  • Protected Mobile Annotataions


BoardHub™ extends the CommandHub Pro functionality with an Agenda function to provide a ‘board pack’ where each document can be viewed individually or the entire Agenda and associated documents downloaded with a single click. The Consent process facilitates the review and approval of documents.

HubVault extends the Agenda experience to iPads or similar devices as well as allowing private or shared annotations.

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Features and Benefits

  • Reduce Agenda Assembly 50%
  • Secure Infrastructure
  • Simple Administration
  • Time Saving Workflows
  • Work online or offline


DealHub™ extends the CommandHub Pro functionality for Virtual Data Rooms with comprehensive due diligence Q&A tools that are very easy to use yet can be structured to handle complex response team requirements and effectively manage many thousands of questions per day.

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Features and Benefits

  • Aids Due Dilegence
  • Software Security Layers
  • Deal Status Reports
  • Fully Indexed Extract
  • Easy to Use


HubVault™ is a mobile/end-point technology that provides an exceedingly secure environment. In addition to standard device encryption, each file within HubVault is encrypted again with a unique key and those encryption keys are themselves protected with a key that has 10 to the power of 77 combinations. Intrusion protection, whether connected or not, is provided so that documents are protected from even a forensic attack.

In addition to an enterprise controlled compartment with business process rules, HubVault has a separate, and private, user controlled compartment for securing material from other sources as well as notes and pictures.

The HubVault technology is seamlessly integrated within both the CommandHub and CommandHub Pro products and is available for Android, iOS (Apple), and Windows based devices.

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Features and Benefits

  • Unique Encryption Key
  • Multi-layered Security
  • Offline Intrusion Protection
  • Automatic Folder Sync
  • Secure PDF Annotation


iFortress® is a stand-alone App with enterprise-grade security to protect private notes, files and photos on iPad and iPhone devices

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Features and Benefits

  • Enterprise-grade File Security
  • Protect Notes and Photos
  • Custom Folder Structure
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Simple, Intuitive Interface

"Serious business process functionality, simplicity of use, and unmatched mobile security"