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Certified to PROTECTED level

Do various parties need to access and work on sensitive Court Documents?

Are any of these true for you?

Your court handles highly sensitive material such as offender records, current sentencing and historical data, witness and Subject Matter Expert statements.

You work with external parties who each needs access to discrete parts of the information. These parties include police and parole officers, medical and mental health specialists, subject matter experts, government representatives and employees

Many of these parties are not under your control. You can’t be sure how they use the material or if they work with it using personal email, USB sticks or mobile devices.

If this sensitive information were mislaid or leaked to the media, it could be serious. The public’s confidence in the judicial system could be adversely affected.

If any are true, you’re not alone. They’re very common in the Judiciary.

Have you tried to fix them with:

Enterprise File-Sharing Tools – but they weren’t designed for collaboration and weren’t very secure?

Enterprise Collaboration Tools – but they were complex to use and less secure than you thought, especially on mobile devices?

Secure Collaboration Tools – but they weren’t proven in your situation and being an early adopter didn’tfit yourrisk profile?

These are also common experiences in the Justice Sector.

CommandHub has the most robust security – including on mobile devices – which for us is vital.

In addition, its intuitive interface makes it easy to access the features we need, like linking the panel’s taxonomy to offender files in HP TRIM.

Carol Martinez*
Project Manager
State Department of Justice Authority

Let us assist you in effortlessly securing all your sensitive court documents for every involved party.

How we help

Since 2008, CommandHub has assisted many levels of Australian courts. We help them protect their sensitive court materials, while making sharing and collaboration easy for the parties involved.

We do this via our purpose-built, end-to-end Secure Collaboration Platform called CommandHub which is designed along Military, Defence and Intelligence principles.


Creates secure information compartments – which restrict access on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Enforces rules for how material can be used (not just who can access it) – that every user must follow

Enables secure access and use of material especially on mobile devices – using patented HubVault technology

Simplifies setup and use of secure compartments using drag & drop admin tools that need no IT skills

Includes over 500 settings – to tailor the platform to your court’s individual needs.

In addition, CommandHub’s hosting environment has been certified to PROTECTED level by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

Who we help

We help a variety of key people within your court environment, including:

Operations and Project Managers
We help you streamline your processes and reduce the length of trials by enabling efficient, secure collaboration between the various parties involved.

 IT Managers and similar roles
We remove the burden on your IT team by making it easy for your administrators to set-up and control the platform and the various parties to work with it, themselves.

Risk and Compliance Managers
We reduce your risk by ensuring that all parties follow your rules for using sensitive court material, including on mobile devices.

The old method of collaboration by email attachments was clearly not an option.

‘What we needed was a secure collaboration platform that allowed us to share information selectively on a need-to-know basis

Carol Martinez*
Project Manager
State Department of Justice Authority

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CommandHub was a better fit for our needs and offered the strongest security …A bonus is CommandHub’s customer support.

We haven’t seen this level of commitment from any other vendor. We love it.’

Carol Martinez*
Project Manager

State Department of Justice Authority

* Our contracts with clients prohibit us from revealing their names. These names have been changed for privacy reasons.