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Certified to PROTECTED level

Be Crisis Ready

CrisisHub: Improve your crisis management response time and reduce the impact of incidents on your operations.

Be Prepared, Be Crisis Ready

CrisisHub is a highly secure crisis management platform that provides crisis preparation and incident response capabilities to organizations of all sizes. With CrisisHub, organizations can quickly respond to a crisis and minimize the impact of incidents on their operations through effective communication management.

Key features of CrisisHub include:

Collaboration tools:
Easy to use document management and collaboration tools enable teams to work together in real-time, share information, and coordinate response efforts – all outside your existing corporate network, which is likely to be compromised in the event of a cyber attack.

Automated alerts:
CrisisHub automatically sends alerts to relevant stakeholders, including team members, executives, and external partners, when an incident occurs or actions are taken to mitigate.

Customizable workflows:
The platform allows organizations to create customized workflows and playbooks to ensure consistent and effective responses to incidents.

Robust reporting:
CrisisHub provides robust reporting capabilities, enabling organizations to track their response efforts and identify areas for improvement

Complete Mobile Protection

The common perception that tablets and smartphones are secure is false. Device encryption is compromised because the key is stored on the device, remote wiping is ineffective as soon as mobile and WiFi access is disabled, and caching leaves components of recently viewed material readily available.

CommandHub’s patented technology mitigates these vulnerabilities with protection at all points – in transit, in use and at rest.

Each file is encrypted with a unique, randomly generated key and then encrypted again using the device level encryption. Connectivity is not required for access or to prevent data leakage.

CommandHub has been independently validated to the Australian Cyber Security Centre PROTECTED level classification. All data is wholly hosted and managed in Australia under the Sovereign Cloud Principles for Critical Infrastructure.

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Protect Your Business With Crisis Hub

The High Security Crisis Management

Solution Overview

CrisisHub from CommandHub® is a crisis incident response solution built around the CommandHub document protection and management system. CommandHub has been utilised for more than a decade by many government and commercial organisations across diverse domains and geographies.

CrisisHub was specifically developed to address the requirements of a paperless incident response solution, available anywhere at any time, in response to several high profile data breaches that exposed the personal data of millions of Australians during 2022-23.

CrisisHub provides a highly secure, cloud- based solution for all aspects of crisis planning and response to centrally control access to contact lists, action plans, communication plans, and other documents needed to respond to a crisis.

Key Features

Crisis Management documents are logically organised and presented, ready to be used 24/7.

Onboarding for third parties is dramatically simplified – the site admin can add new users remotely and securely.

Contact lists and Key Actions for key executives, and the crisis response team, are stored digitally to rapidly mobilise a response team.

Documents such as media releases and internal communications can be searched and annotated.

Customized workflows and playbooks ensure a consistent and effective response to incidents

Robust reporting capabilities enable organizations to track response efforts and identify areas for improvement.