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Command Hub Announces New Secure Messaging Innovation and Strategic Partnership with AUCloud

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Command Hub, a leading provider of secure document management and communication platforms, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking secure messaging feature, alongside a partnership with AUCloud, one of Australia’s leading secure cloud and cyber security service providers. The announcement comes at a critical time, with cyber security breaches in Australia hitting unprecedented levels. 

Command Hub CTO Graham Matthews said the new messaging functionality is designed to ensure that the Command Hub platform can support out-of-band chat and messaging, providing a secure communication channel during incidents when core systems and communication channels may be under threat or compromised.

“Command Hub was engineered to offer businesses the most secure and reliable environment for mission-critical documents and communication. CommandHub Messaging enables authenticated users to communicate in real-time, safeguarding organisational communications even in the event of system compromises or cyber-attacks,” Mr Mathews said. 

The introduction of this secure messaging application comes in response to recent high-profile security breaches, highlighting the urgent need for organisations to have access to secure communication channels outside of traditional methods. “These breaches and system failures necessitated a rethink in our approach towards managing sensitive documents and messages, particularly during crises. Integrating a new messaging functionality into our core platform addresses this need by facilitating out-of-band chat and messaging capabilities,” Mr Matthews commented.

This innovative capability is now available through Command Hub and via a new partnership with AUCloud. The partnership marks a significant step forward in providing enhanced security measures for organisations, leveraging AUCloud’s award-winning cyber security and cloud services to bolster the security and reliability of Command Hub’s platform.

The launch of CommandHub Messaging and the partnership with AUCloud underscore a shared commitment to advancing cyber security measures and ensuring secure, real-time communication for organisations facing the challenges of the digital age.

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About Command Hub


Trusted by blue-chip corporations and government agencies nationwide, Command Hub’s IRAP-assessed platform, now enhanced with secure messaging, offers unparalleled protection for sensitive data and communications. Its seamless integration with document and task management ensures streamlined crisis response from initial response to resolution.


Command Hub is 100% Australian owned and operated to ensure data sovereignty and alignment with Australian National Security standards.

Command Hub’s IRAP-assessed security has been designed for handling Protected-level information and, with a new messaging function that meets stringent security benchmarks, it offers a highly reliable and secure platform for sensitive communications.


About AUCloud 


Australia’s award-winning cyber security and secure cloud provider, AUCloud, has announced a partnership with Command Hub to deliver an ultra-secure emergency crisis management platform, CrisisHub. This platform will assist Australian organisations in navigating and managing their response during technical outages and cyber-attacks. Peter Maloney, CEO of AUCloud, said that CrisisHub offers a secure and reliable platform for teams responding to incidents, enabling quick access to essential crisis management documents, plans, and communication systems to efficiently manage the most challenging incidents.


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