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CEOs Targeted: CommandHub Forges New Path in Leader Cyber Protection

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Melbourne, Australia – January 28, 2024

In today’s perilous digital landscape, CEOs are increasingly becoming prime targets for hackers. From stolen boardroom secrets to compromised social media accounts, the risks are alarming. Leading secure document collaboration platform CommandHub is stepping up to the plate, unveiling a comprehensive suite of features designed to shield CEOs and senior executives from cyber threats.

Beyond Document Security: Protecting the C-Suite

While CommandHub has long been trusted for its robust document security and access controls, the new focus on safeguarding C-suite personnel marks a significant evolution. The platform now boasts an array of leader-specific tools, encompassing:

  • Enhanced Cyber Hygiene: Two-factor authentication, automatic software updates, and secure email practices combat basic access points for hackers.
  • Device Discipline: Dedicated work devices, software updates from trusted vendors, and secure screen locks minimize vulnerability.
  • Account Integrity: Strong passwords, robust passphrases, and anti-phishing awareness create a formidable digital barrier.
  • Social Media Savvy: Controlled access, separate personal and professional accounts, and vigilance against impersonation ensure online brand protection.
  • Travel Protocols: Encrypted devices, dedicated travel accounts, and avoidance of public Wi-Fi mitigate risks on the go.
  • “Need-to-Know” Information Security: Granular access controls and secure collaboration platforms like CommandHub limit data exposure.
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Leading by Example: Building a Cyber-Aware Culture

The Australian Signals Directorate recently issued a guide for business leaders, emphasizing the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures. CommandHub’s new emphasis on CEO protection aligns perfectly with this call to action. By prioritizing their own cyber hygiene, CEOs not only safeguard themselves but also set a powerful example for their entire organization.

CommandHub CEO, Sue Ransom, states, “Today’s cyber threats demand leadership courage. CEOs can no longer afford to be passive targets. CommandHub’s advanced features empower them to become active defenders, creating a ripple effect of cyber awareness throughout their companies.”

Practical Cyber Security Tips for Business Leaders

Business leaders are often targeted by malicious actors due to their access to sensitive information, important connections, and influential positions. Here are some practical tips to improve your cyber security:


  • Turn on automatic updates for operating systems, software, and applications.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication, particularly for your email account.
  • Backup important files regularly.


  • Use separate devices and accounts for work and personal life.
  • Don’t share work devices with others.
  • Give only minimum permissions to software and apps.
  • Install software and apps only from trusted sources.
  • Use screen locks on all devices.
  • Factory reset devices after suspected compromises.
  • Turn mobile devices off once a day.
  • Turn off communications like Bluetooth and NFC when not required.
  • Charge devices with trusted cables and power outlets.
  • Plug only trusted devices into your laptop, phone, or computer.


  • Screen suspicious calls, emails, and messages.
  • Use strong, unique passwords or passphrases.
  • Never share passwords or passphrases.
  • Don’t use publicly available information for password questions.

Social Media

  • Restrict who can see your social media accounts.
  • Don’t share private information on social media.
  • Use separate work and personal accounts.
  • Never share login details.
  • Watch for and report fake accounts.


  • Enable security features on messaging apps.
  • Use group messages with caution.
  • Only do work communication from your work device.
  • Share meeting invitations via private channels.
  • Allow only invited participants to join meetings.
  • Join meetings from a private location.
  • Be cautious when screen sharing.


  • Avoid public Wi-Fi.
  • Take precautions, like enabling device encryption, to reduce the impact of lost or stolen devices.
  • Consider using dedicated travel devices and accounts.

CommandHub stands as a beacon of hope for CEOs facing the digital onslaught. By equipping them with the tools and expertise to navigate the cyber battlefield, CommandHub empowers leaders to not only protect their organizations but also lead the charge towards a safer, more secure future.

Download the Australian Signals Directorate Guide for Business Leaders and explore CommandHub’s leader-specific security features. Become a cyber-warrior CEO and chart your course to a digitally resilient future.

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