Are any of these true for you?

  • You are the IT Manager or Operations Manager or hold a similar role
  • Your company provides medical services via private hospitals, clinics and nursing homes and possibly to patients’ own homes
  • Diverse parties are involved in delivery of patient services including:
    • Nursing staff
    • Doctors
    • Physiotherapists
    • Psychologists
    • Case workers
    • Care coordinators
  • To provide the services, these parties need to collaborate on patient data, medical histories, home care plans, family histories and other highly confidential information
  • Many authorised users are not under your direct influence and you can’t control how they use, store or share patient data
  • Use of mobile devices like tablets is common but they’re easily mislaid or stolen, which risks exposing patient data
  • Your IT team is busy and has many priorities; gaining access to them is difficult and can slow the process of patient care
  • If this sensitive patient data got into the wrong hands, it would breach patient confidentiality and impact your company’s reputation.

Have you tried to secure your sensitive collaborations by considering:

  • An Enterprise File Sharing System – but you found that file sharing was better catered for than collaboration or security; to achieve these you’d need to add third party tools which would add complexity, cost and potential security gaps
  • Enterprise Collaboration Tools – but found these were better for collaboration with security only added later; the stated security levels applied to the environment, not the tools and user configuration required IT skills
  • Choose Secure Collaboration Tools – but found they only checked the alignment between user, content and context; they couldn’t control how content was used, especially on mobile devices. More than this, these tools were still in development and not proven in your situation.

How CommandHub Supports your Organisation

Military Grade Design

CommandHub is purpose-built for secure collaboration. Based on the Military Principle of multiple layers, CommandHub has multiple levels of document encryption and infrastructure protection.

The CommandHub solution is IRAP certified to the Australian Signals Directorate ISM 2020 PROTECTED standard. All data is wholly hosted and managed in Australia under the Sovereign Cloud Principles for Critical Infrastructure.

‘Need-To-Know’ Secure Compartments

CommandHub applies the Intelligence Community principle of compartmentation, limiting user access on a ‘need to know’ basis. Your administrators can create multiple levels of compartments and set access and use controls for each level or compartment, applying the principle of ‘least privilege’. This gives you granular control over individual compartments and greatly reduces the time, complexity and errors associated with adding permissions at the file or user level.

Protection at Rest, In Transit and In Use

CommandHub is designed to provide end-to-end protection for sensitive information – at rest, in transit and during use. A double-encrypted file transfer tunnel replaces vulnerable browsers. With patented HubVault technology, collaborators can securely access and use sensitive data even on smartphones and tablets. Data on mobile devices is double encrypted, and the master key is not stored on the device, providing total protection if they’re mislaid, lost or stolen.

Granular Business Controls

CommandHub makes collaboration easy for users while ensuring that your organisation’s business processes are followed. You can set controls for who can see, edit or save a file, who can move or share it, how approvals and rejections apply, and you have control over the exact sequence of these steps as well as version control, watermarking, file-locking and more.

Ease of Setup, Use & Control

CommandHub was designed to be deployed by business users. The intuitive interface makes collaboration easy, and IT support is not needed. Typically it takes about an hour’s training for your administrators to start arranging content logically for your collaborators and apply controls to protect it. When circumstances change, administrators can make the necessary changes to settings.

Tailored to Your Exact Needs

With over 500 configuration settings, CommandHub is easily aligned with the way your organisation works. By turning on or off rules for files, access, use, formats and settings at any level, CommandHub ensures that your critical data is fully protected, without impacting on the ease of collaboration.

Proven In Situations Like Yours

CommandHub has been protecting sensitive content in critical situations for over a decade, in Healthcare, Government, Justice, Defence Contracting, Finance and Telecommunications. It’s also in use by Executive Committees in a variety of industries. Ask us about our case studies.

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