Are any of these true for you?

  • You hold the role of Bid Manager or similar for your firm
  • On very complex contracts, your firm sometimes collaborates with other contractors
  • These collaborations may involve sensitive commercial and classified information with national security implications
  • The collaborations may include:
    • Collaborators who are competitors at other times
    • Teams who won’t or can’t share confidential information
    • Other contractors’ bid teams, subject matter experts, defence advisers and others
    • Executives and experts from your head office overseas
    • Many levels from technical to political and cultural.
  • Other contractors aren’t under your control and you suspect that they use mobile devices to share sensitive information
  • Each contractor’s material must be segregated with absolutely no blurring of boundaries
  • Any leakage of content could have serious consequences, such as losing the bid or being crossed off the list of preferred suppliers

Have you tried to secure your sensitive collaborations by considering:

  • An Enterprise File Sharing System – but found it lacked the collaboration and security functionality you need for complex, multi-billion dollar, multi-contractor bids. You’d have to add third party tools which could add complexity and possibly open security gaps
  • Enterprise Collaboration Tools – but found that they were designed to make commercial collaboration easy and security was added later; they also didn’t have the compartmentation or robust controls you needed
  • Secure Collaboration Tools – but found these recent developments might secure content by checking the alignment between user, content and context but couldn’t control how it was used, especially on mobile devices. You also weren’t comfortable being an early technology adopter.

How CommandHub Supports Defence Contractors

‘Need-To-Know’ Compartmentation

CommandHub replaces simple user-level or file level controls with ‘need-to-know’ access based on the Intelligence Community principle of compartmentation. With this approach, you can create multiple levels of compartments and set access and use controls for each one. In this way, even staff with high-level clearance or seniority will only see the information they need to do their jobs.

Purpose Built for Secure Collaboration

CommandHub was purpose-built for secure collaboration, not designed for collaboration first with security added later. Designed on the Military Principle of multiple layered servers, CommandHub has multiple levels of document encryption and infrastructure protection.

The CommandHub solution is IRAP certified to the Australian Signals Directorate ISM 2020 PROTECTED standard. All data is wholly hosted and managed in Australia under the Sovereign Cloud Principles for Critical Infrastructure.

End-to-End Protection including on Mobile Devices

Server level security is the absolute minimum. CommandHub goes well beyond this by protecting sensitive content in transit and in use, including on mobile devices. Its patented HubVault technology replaces the need to browse, providing a multi-encrypted tunnel for ultra-secure file transfer. HubVault also secures information stored on mobile devices, using further encryption and a non-recoverable key.

Granular Business Controls

Most tools make collaboration easy but don’t control the process. CommandHub lets you apply logical business controls to restrict who can see, edit or save a file, who may move it to where, how approvals and rejections apply, the exact sequence of these steps as well as version control, watermarking, file-locking and more. This flexibility ensures security with transparency and control.

Easy to Setup, Use & Control

CommandHub was designed to be used by business users, not by specialist IT teams. That’s why your administrators will be comfortable setting up file structures and applying controls with very little training. It’s designed to be easy for your users and external parties to use too, with an intuitive user interface.

Easily Customised

CommandHub is easy to tailor to your organisation and how your people and external parties operate. There are over 500 configuration settings which can simply be turned on or off, such as rules for files, access, use, formats and settings at any level. With CommandHub, you protect your sensitive information without impacting how your organisation operates.

Proven In Other Exacting Situations

CommandHub has been protecting sensitive content in demanding real-world situations for over ten years. In addition to Defence Contracting, these include Government, Finance, Justice and Telecommunications. CommandHub is also widely used in Executive Committees in other areas. Ask us about our case studies.

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