Are any of these true for you?

  • You are a Director, Company Secretary, Commissioner or Executive responsible for Compliance, Risk or Security
  • Your Board members are distributed; electronic collaboration is essential, often involving smart phones and tablets
  • You want to enable easy collaboration yet ensure total protection of sensitive content
  • You’ve had a ‘board pack solution’ in use for some time but you’re concerned about where the data is held
  • You’ve resisted moving to an online Board Paper solution due to concerns about ease of use and security
  • Any data breach, exposure or theft could seriously damage your organisation’s reputation, customer confidence or regulatory compliance.

Have you tried to secure your Board Papers by considering:

  1. A Simple Board Pack but you found it wasn’t easy to use –  especially on mobile devices – and the claims of security fell short of your requirements
  2. An Enterprise Board Management System developed overseas and widely used – but you experienced support delays or upgrade issues due to time differences, and you were concerned about jurisdiction, especially in relation to the US Patriot Act.

How BoardHub Protects your Board and Committee Papers

Designed on Military Principles

BoardHub is a Board Module built on the CommandHub Secure Collaboration Platform. This platform was purpose-built to protect sensitive collaborations and is based on the Military Principle of multiple layered servers, deploying multiple levels of document encryption and infrastructure protection.

Protection on Mobile Devices

Tablets and smartphones are inherently insecure: device encryption is compromised because the key is stored on the device, remote wiping is ineffective if mobile and WiFi access have been disabled, and device caching retains components of recently-viewed material.

Patented HubVault technology addresses these and more risks with protection at all points – in transit, in use and at rest – while providing data access with or without connectivity. Within BoardHub, each file on the device is encrypted with a unique randomly-generated key, then encrypted again using device level encryption. Connectivity is not required to provide data loss prevention.

Secured and Managed in Australia

The BoardHub solution is IRAP certified to the Australian Signals Directorate ISM 2020 PROTECTED standard. All data is wholly hosted and managed in Australia under the Sovereign Cloud Principles for Critical Infrastructure.

Comprehensive, board-specific functions

BoardHub provides a highly secure environment to share, manage and archive board and committee papers. Using BoardHub, users can create an Agenda document which includes attachments for any agenda item. This provides the electronic equivalent of an agenda summary and related papers that would otherwise be bound and delivered by courier. In addition, the Consent process in BoardHub makes it easy to review and approve items for compliance or circular resolutions.

‘Need to Know’ Secure Compartments

BoardHub applies the Intelligence Community principle of compartmentation, restricting user access on a ‘need to know’ basis. This ensures that even senior personnel, such as company executives or business managers, would only be granted access to a specific compartment if they were associated with a specific committee that needed to know that compartment’s contents.

Genuine Ease-of-Use

While the underlying security of BoardHub is complex, it’s completely hidden to users; learning to use BoardHub takes a matter of minutes. After the first use, connectivity can be automated without re-entering login details, and updated content is automatically synchronised when connectivity is established. For iPads and iPhones, there is both facial and fingerprint biometric access to streamline the user experience.

Confidentiality Assured

BoardHub has passed the most stringent independent risk management reviews to provide the highest levels of confidentiality assurance for board, committee and other sensitive corporate documents.

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