Are any of these true for you?

  • You are the CEO, CFO, CIO, CISO, Risk Manager, Board Member or hold a similar role
  • Your organisation employs hundreds of senior executives who routinely work with sensitive documents such as:
    • Strategic plans
    • Risk analyses
    • Compliance reports
    • Meeting minutes
    • Responses to regulators
  • Your executives and their assistants need to share, edit and finalise these documents, which involves many iterations
  • Some of your executives routinely travel and need to use mobile devices to work with this content
  • Your IT team is extensive but has competing priorities; supporting collaborations can be time-consuming
  • If your sensitive material fell into the wrong hands, it could impact on your organisation’s competitive advantage and reputation.

Have you tried to secure your sensitive collaborations by considering:

  • An Enterprise File Sharing System – but found it wasn’t designed for collaboration or security; to achieve both, you’d have to add third party tools which would add cost, complexity and open security gaps.
  • An Enterprise Collaboration Tool – but found the specified security levels didn’t apply to the tools themselves, mobile devices weren’t adequately protected and user configurations required a lot of IT help.
  • Secure Collaboration Tools – but found these new products only promised to check alignment between user, content and context; they didn’t control what users could do with content, especially on mobile devices. In any case, being an early adopter didn’t match your risk profile.

How CommandHub supports your organisation

‘Need-To-Know’ Secure Compartments

CommandHub applies the Intelligence Community principle of ‘compartmentation’ to ensure that each document is only seen and used by those who ‘need to know’. This gives your organisation granular control over individual information compartments and levels of them. This is more secure and easier to control than individual file-level, user-level or combined permissions.

Multiple Layered Architecture

CommandHub was designed from the ground up for secure collaboration, based on the Military Principle of multiple layered servers. This provides multiple levels of document encryption and infrastructure protection.

The CommandHub solution is IRAP certified to the Australian Signals Directorate ISM 2020 PROTECTED standard. All data is wholly hosted and managed in Australia under the Sovereign Cloud Principles for Critical Infrastructure.

Complete End-to-End Protection

Providing the highest level of server security is just the start. CommandHub adds patented HubVault technology, enabling your executives to access and use your content securely on mobile devices. HubVault also secures the stored content, using further encryption and a non-recoverable key, which makes the devices virtually ‘uncrackable’ if lost or stolen.

Business Controls that Support How You Work

CommandHub makes sure your business processes are followed while making it easy for executives to share and collaborate. Your administrators simply set controls for who can see, edit or save a file, who can move it to where, how approvals and rejections apply, and the exact sequence of these step. Many more options are available including version control, watermarking, and file-locking.

Easy Customisation to Your Needs

CommandHub can be fully tailored to how your organisation operates with over 500 configuration settings. You simply turn on or off of rules for access, use, formats, files and settings at any level. This is how to protect your sensitive information, without affecting how your people work.

Easy to Set up, Use & Control

CommandHub was designed to be used by business teams without help from the IT department. After a short training session included with implementation, your administrators will be comfortable to set up files structures for your users and apply controls. When projects come to an end or strategies alter, your administrators can make the changes themselves. The intuitive user interface makes CommandHub easy to use for your executives too.

Proven In Other Tough Situations

CommandHub has been protecting sensitive content in demanding situations for over ten years. Apart from Finance, these include Defence Contracting, Government, Justice and  Telecommunications, and as well as Executive Committees in other areas. Ask us about our case studies.

Read the case studies or contact us to discuss how CommandHub could ensure secure content collaboration for your Financial Enterprise.

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