CommandHub is the only purpose-built, end-to-end, all-device Secure Collaboration Platform that has been proven in the most demanding situations in Banking, Government, Defence Contracting, Justice and Telecommunications since 2008.

CommandHub comprises three products that cover the spectrum from secure file-sharing to secure collaboration on any device including mobile. You can start with the protection you need and consolidate later, without integration, redundancy or professional services.


CommandHub restricts access to your sensitive information on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Designed on the Intelligence Community principle of compartmentation, CommandHub lets you create multiple levels of ultra-secure compartments and configure access and set user controls for each one.

In this way, even staff with seniority or security clearance won’t gain access to specific compartments unless their roles require it. This is far more secure than file-level, user-level or combined controls and removes the complexity associated with them and the risk of a ‘Chelsea Manning’ type event.

You’ll choose CommandHub on its own if your sensitive collaborations are mostly desktop-based. You’ll add HubVault if your collaborators routinely use mobile devices or if end-to-end protection is critical in your situation.


HubVault is patented technology from CommandHub that protects your sensitive information, especially on mobile devices.

Combining a multi-encrypted tunnel for file transfer, double encryption per file and non-recoverable authentication and master encryption keys, HubVault enables authorised access and collaboration, while rendering your files effectively ‘uncrackable’ if hacked, mislaid or stolen.

You’ll add HubVault to CommandHub if your sensitive or classified collaborations include users on mobile devices.


HubDrop provides simple yet highly-secure person-to-person file-sharing.

HubDrop lets you select the rules for using content in your organisation. Then, your users can set up and edit their own file structures and choose which files can be shared with whom. This provides the control you need with simplicity for users.

You’ll choose HubDrop if you simply need to share files securely and don’t need the full collaboration or business processes of CommandHub. You’ll add HubVault to HubDrop if you want to secure file-sharing on mobile devices.

Key features of the CommandHub Platform

Certified Protection

The CommandHub solution is IRAP certified to the Australian Signals Directorate ISM 2020 PROTECTED standard. All data is wholly hosted and managed in Australia under the Sovereign Cloud Principles for Critical Infrastructure.

On-premises deployments of CommandHub are also available.

Ease of Use

Most collaboration solutions are designed for setup and control by IT teams. CommandHub is different. It’s designed to be set up, configured and managed by your own team members who don’t need IT skills. The intuitive interface, logical processes and simple turning on or off of functions gives control to your administrators, frees up your IT team and eliminates the need for costly professional services.

Local support

Many providers limit support to online chat, forums and FAQ and charge for any training or additional support. CommandHub takes a different approach. Training for administrators and general users is part of implementation and 24×7 phone, email and web-based support is available.

Easily scalable

Some collaboration solutions scale more easily than others. CommandHub’s architecture has been designed to scale with ease and without the need for IT help. After the initial deployment, your administrators can expand to multiple departments, groups or companies easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

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