With CommandHub and HubVault, you have the most secure, compartmented solution for collaboration even on mobile devices – but what if your users don’t need to collaborate, they just need to share?

HubDrop was designed for this purpose. Combining the rights management and document control features of CommandHub, HubDrop lets your users share files in a highly secure environment.

Key Features

Enterprise Rules

HubDrop allows your administrators to set the configurations required by your enterprise. They set the appropriate rules for files, access, use, formats, settings and more, certain that all users will follow them.

Logical Rights Management

HubDrop controls access to sensitive files by granting permission to the document owner only. This simplifies the permission process, making it more transparent and reducing the risk of accidental sharing with unauthorised parties.

Flexible file structure

HubDrop allows users to set up and edit their file structures – without changing the overall enterprise settings. This allows them to arrange sensitive information in logical structures that suit their purpose and how they work.

Enterprise compatibility

HubDrop’s onboarding process is compatible with enterprise user management and single-sign-on facilities, making implementation fast and easy.

Choice of Deployment Options

The HubDrop solution is IRAP certified to the Australian Signals Directorate ISM 2020 PROTECTED standard. All data is wholly hosted and managed in Australia under the Sovereign Cloud Principles for Critical Infrastructure.

On-premises deployment options are also available.

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