Turnbull Government 'Hell Bent' On Preparing For Cyber Strike

Huffington Post - October 12, 2016

Huffington Post

Dan Tehan’s warning has salutary relevance to the corporate sector.

There is mounting evidence of the degree to which corporate entities have also been attacked, often via the backdoor rather than the front door, by 'persistent and sophisticated' cyber tools.

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Free iPad and iPhone Data Security

Updated iFortress app released - November 30, 2015


CommandHub® has released a serious security capability with its iFortress® data vault app for iPhones and iPads. The stand-alone app is an ultra-secure mobile vault that is built on the patented HubVault™ technology that provides enterprise-level protection of sensitive information for corporations and governments around the world.

iFortress - and its CommandHub siblings - are the only security apps that do not store the encryption key on the device, yet provide owner access to the material at all times.

A free version of iFortress can now be downloaded from the App Store, which can then be upgraded via an in-app purchase to increase file capacity, provide additional functionality, and enhance security with new Flip Lock and Duress Password features.

The HubVault technology extends security beyond the Apple device encryption and remote reset facilities, which can be breached. Data within iFortress is protected from attack, and allows users to view their documents without ever having to leave the secure confines of the data vault.


CommandHub Patent - October 20, 2015


Valuable business data is increasingly residing on mobile devices – such as Apple iPhones and iPads as well as other smartphones and tablets. The common perception is that these devices are secure, but that perception is false. That’s because the key that unlocks the device’s encryption is stored on the device; the remote wipe facility is rendered inoperable as soon as mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity is disabled; and the device’s caching leaves components of recently viewed material readily available.

CommandHub began addressing these issues for a global financial services customer shortly after the launch of the iPad – they had sought assurance that sensitive corporate information on the device would remain secure from all vulnerabilities, especially the deliberate theft of a device by someone who knew the value of the documents it would contain.

Following years of development, CommandHub has been awarded several patents for its “Mobile Data Vault” solution.

With security that is transparent to the user, the HubVault™ technology provides full protection while in transit, in use, and at rest. It also separates enterprise-controlled business documents from personal material to provide a secure BYOD solution. Available for Android, iOS and Windows, the HubVault technology prevents unintentional, or deliberate, data leakage and does not rely on connectivity to access files, or to provide intrusion protection.

The Enemy Within

The Economist - July 25, 2015

the enemy within

Commentator Schumpeter’s "The enemy within" column in the July 25 edition of The Economist highlights how rogue employees can wreak more damage on a company than its competitors. While acknowledging that employees are often said to be a company’s biggest resource he suggests it is equally true that they are also its biggest liability. A poll by The Economist Intelligence Unit of senior executives on the subject of fraud committed by insiders found that about 70% of companies had suffered from at least one instance of fraud in 2013, up from 61% in the previous survey.

Schumpeter posits that "The more complicated companies become, the harder it is to identify where power really lies. But one thing is clear. The more dependent on information firms get, the more IT specialists can compromise the whole business. The least companies can do is to keep a careful watch on the IT department—and, if you’re going to sack somebody from that team, do so immediately."

He also cites a recent survey by Accenture that found 31% of employees don’t like their boss, 32% were actively looking for a new job, and 43% felt that they received no recognition for their work. Those numbers total 106% so obviously some fit into multiple categories but, either way you cut it, that allows for a high proportion of unhappy staff.

Improving Cybersecurity Can’t Be Done by Technology Alone

CommandHub Infographic - July 1, 2015

technology is not enough

According to Gartner, worldwide security spending will increase by over 8% in 2015 to reach a total of $76.9 billion.  Yet despite this increase, the detected security incidents are growing even faster … increasing by 48% in 2014.

You may be wondering why this increased spending doesn’t result in a decrease in security incidents?   Because focusing on technology alone neglects the most important piece of the puzzle … the human factor.

In order to completely address the problem, organizations must implement simple yet secure processes that drive new behaviors, resulting in positive outcomes.

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