Business Process Controls

In today's mobile age corporations and governments require that important documents be fully accessible when users are away from their primary computer.

The viewing, as well as updating, of documents is controlled so that files and folders are synced with the device only if the user has been explicitly granted access. Business process rules, including permitted actions and appropriate restrictions as to how, and to whom, documents can be forwarded, ensure process compliance.

The option to handle PDF annotation in-memory avoids the ‘caching’ vulnerabilities that normally exist while documents are being viewed or edited, so that even if a device is deliberately stolen, the data will remain protected from attack.

Our solutions provide flexible business process rules that control the viewing and editing of documents as well as appropriate restrictions as to how, and to whom, documents can be forwarded.

Separation of Business and Personal Data

Our secure mobile technology provides enterprise-controlled separation of business and personal material to easily implement an effective BYOD solution.

A user controlled compartment is provided into which the user can secure material from other sources, as well as directly saving sensitive content created on the mobile device.

This private compartment remains invisible to other users and includes the ability to arrange documents within a flexible folder structure, to directly import notes and photos, and automatically sync those folders across multiple personal devices.