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Certified to PROTECTED level

Are you a Partner, Director or Executive responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions, Asset Sales or Corporate Restructures?

Do you handle complex deals where due diligence requires accurate and timely responses?

Are any of these true for you?

The deals include highly sensitive documents. If these were exposed or leaked, it could be very damaging to your client or your own organisation. And with increasing nation-state attacks on corporate information security assurance has become of real concern.

There might be complex due diligence responses required. If these are not appropriately compartmented an answer could be incorrect or be provided to the wrong party.

You want to ensure that collaboration is easy for the deal team – so they won’t waste time with an inefficient process and can focus on the responses and management of the deal.

If any are true, you’re not alone. They’re common for many deals.

Have you tried to fix them with:

A Simple Deal System but you found it wasn’t easy to use and the claims of security fell short of your requirements.

An Internally Developed Package but you are concerned about keeping up with the ever changing security requirements.

An Enterprise Level Deal Solution developed overseas and widely used – but you had support delays or upgrade issues due to time differences. You were also concerned about
jurisdiction, especially in relation to the US Patriot Act.

These are also common experiences for many who are responsible for deals in Australia.

Do you have escalating security concerns?

Along with board paper portals, virtual deal rooms have become a prime target, often without any signs to show that the sensitive material has been compromised.

As clarified in the 2 March 2019 issue of The Economist with reference to China, there is “rampant state-sponsored commercial espionage” of such material.

DealHub is the most secure virtual deal room available and provided the functionality we needed.

Robert Dawson*
Project Manager

Major Australian Financial

* Our contracts with clients prohibit us from revealing
their names. These names have been changed for
privacy reasons.

Do you handle complex deals where due diligence requires accurate and timely responses?

How we help

Since 2004, CommandHub has been helping law firms, merchant banks and corporate advisers protect their sensitive deals, while making working on them easy and secure.

We do this via DealHub, a solution built on our CommandHub Secure Collaboration Platform, which is designed along Military and Intelligence Community principles:

DealHub provides:


Comprehensive deal status reports – with a full audit trail of every action.

Complete management of the Q&A process – using secure messaging rather than relying on vulnerable emails.

Includes comprehensive due diligence functions – with automated question forms and lodgment options.

The question response process – means that a very large number of questions can be handled by a single administrator while bid and response teams have their own reports detailing the status of questions asked, answered and pending.

In addition:
All data and backups are hosted in Australia in an environment certified to PROTECTED status by the Australian Signals Directorate.
All equipment and staff are located in Australia and Australian jurisdiction applies.
DealHub has passed the most stringent independent security and risk management reviews to provide confidentiality assurance.

Who we help

We help a variety of key people who are involved with deals – both big and small:

Law firm Partners and Merchant Bankers
We help you efficiently manage the sensitive documents and handling of responses that arise during due diligence to ensure your client is fully protected at all times.

Project Managers
We reduce your risk by ensuring that access to sensitive project material is restricted to those who ‘need to know’.

DealHub is the most secure virtual data room available. No other solution is as safe, easy to use and cost effective.

Do you handle complex deals where due diligence requires accurate and timely responses?

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Descriptive references indicative of recent projects include:

a major infrastructure asset sale in Shanghai with multiple bid teams and over 250 users, most of whom were non English speaking

the sale of a property portfolio by an international charity organisation
a billion dollar-level divestment project
a multi-billion dollar private equity corporate acquisition
restructure activity for a global group of energy and petrochemical companies
an asset sale involving federal and state governments
the corporate restructure of a major Australian bank.