CommandHub is an exceedingly secure, private, cloud-based platform for the storage, collaboration, and dissemination of sensitive corporate and government documents, with an emphasis on mobile document and end-point protection.

With innovative workflows that significantly reduce effort, plus logical security controls to only allow permitted activity, CommandHub is the ideal solution for protecting the most sensitive business, government, or personal information.

Document Protection

CommandHub® was built from the ground up to protect sensitive information. Available for in-house deployment or as a private, cloud-based service, it provides a secure document repository for the storage, collaboration and dissemination of sensitive corporate and government information. Access to each discrete, private workspace is fully controlled and can be as restricted as business requirements dictate.

The functionality includes selective access, extensive document controls, comprehensive reporting, simple administrative tools, and a full audit trail.

Business Processes

The comprehensive BoardHub functionality provides business processes for agenda preparation and distribution as well as simple to use, fully secure protection of the material on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.

In addition to the Virtual Data Room capabilities, DealHub provides a complete, protected Q&A process with highly flexible process rules to cater for both simple transactions and highly complex deals with many parties involved.

Stringent Security

CommandHub is built on an architecture that incorporates up to four levels of document encryption and four layers of infrastructure protection within a security-hardened environment. CommandHub extends these security layers to include a separate, dedicated code-base that allows custom security selections and fully compartments each customer deployment.

Logical security controls prevent information from accidental exposure and data leakage. The viewing, as well as updating, of documents is controlled so that users do not see folders or files in their document repository unless they have been explicitly granted access.